Jungian Poetry Night

The Jungian Poetry night event is an annual event facilitated by Jung society board members Susan Campbell and Nancy Winford, for this event Susan and Nancy select and share poems, photographs, and Jungian quotes.  In addition, participants are invited to bring and share poems/quotes.

Below are the names of the poems and quotes shared by Susan and Nancy.  The poems are readily available on the internet, the quotes are sourced for those who would like to expand their explorations to the surrounding text.  Enjoy!

2017 – Poems and Quotes

No Path by David Whyte
“The way to the goal seems chaotic and interminable at first, and only gradually do the signs increase that it is leading anywhere.  The way is not straight but appears to go round in circles.  More accurate knowledge has provided it to go round in spirals…..” (C.G. Jung, CW12, par. 34)

 Sweet Darkness by David Whyte
“Everyone who becomes conscious of even a fraction of his unconscious gets outside his own time and social stratum into a kind of solitude…Light is manifest in the darkness…”  (C.G. Jung, CW14, par. 258)

The Known Unknown by PattiAnn Rogers
“If we know things that are beyond our conscious possibility of knowing, there is also an unknown knower in us, an aspect of the psyche that transcends the categories of space and time and is simultaneously present here and there, now and then.  This would be the self.”  (Murray Stein, Map of the Soul, p. 212)

Breath by Yahia Lababidi
“One must not grasp intellectually all that happens in the psyche, by no means always define and categorize all inner happenings; often one must curb one’s curiosity and simply wait.”  (Marie-Louise von Franz, Interpretation of Fairy Tales, p. 191)

The Sandhills by Linda Hogan
“Man “possesses” many things which he has never acquired but has inherited from his ancestors. He is not born as a tabula rasa [blank slate], he is merely born unconscious…Just as the migratory and nest-building instincts of birds were never learnt or acquired individually, man brings with him at birth the ground-plan of his nature, and not only of his individual nature but of his collective nature.”  (C.G. Jung, CW4, par. 728)

Nothing is Far by Robert Francis
“My soul, where are you? Do you hear me? I speak, I call you—are you there? I have returned, I am here again. I have shaken the dust of all the lands from my feet, and I have come to you, I am with you…one thing you must know: the one thing I have learned is that one must live this life.”  (C.G. Jung, Red Book, p. 232)

Start Close In by David Whyte
“Self-knowledge is an adventure that carries us unexpectedly far and deep.”(C.G. Jung, CW14, par. 741)

We Look with Uncertainty by Anne Hillman
“Carry through your life as well as you can, even if it is based on error, because life has to be undone, and one often gets to truth through error…So, be human, seek understanding, seek insight, and make your hypothesis, your philosophy of life.  Then we may recognize the spirit alive in the unconscious of every individual.”  (C.G. Jung, New York 1937)

Gaze by Yahia Lababidi and Love after Love by Derek Walcott
“The utterances of the heart—unlike those of the discriminating intellect—always relate to the whole.  The heartstrings sing like the Aeolian harp only under the gentle breath of a mood, an intuition, which does not drown the song but listens.  What the heart hears are the great, all-embracing things of life, the experiences which we do not arrange ourselves but which happen to us.”  (C.G. Jung, CW18, par. 1719)